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Posted by Muhammadish on May 15 2009 17:42:24
A website builder should be able to perform multi-task jobs while designing and building a website. A website builder is a professional web design tool that helps you build a website with unlimited web pages in minutes. A website builder has several features which include the following; premium quality designs, easy to use editing tools, free domain name, ready to use website texts, premium quality design, licensed premium stock photos, unlimited space web hosting, and many more.

A perfect website builder should be able to offer stunning photo album which should come with zoom, pan and auto-sizing features, a website builder must be able to provide instant interactivity for you website; it must be able to provide unequal impact on your website. A good website builder should be able to allow you add catchy greeting cards with personalized messages for your online website visitors. It should be able to let you completely change your website while your entire content remains intact.

A reputable website builder must be able to allow you add stunning online store, it should be able to let you receive important contact enquiries from your website instantly on your mobile phone or e mail, it should also come with fully integrated online payment systems such as paypal, moneybookers or any other e-payment system. A good website builder should be able to allow you make use of both HTML editors, free web building templates as well as text editing tools.

A website builder should be able to let you record live video directly from your webcam and publish into your website directly, Your website builder should have an integrated search engine such as aol, google, and msn to help people search for the contents of your website as well as other contents of the world. Some website builder do not offer coding or html, but you have access to other website editing tools and templates.

The premium series website builder is designed to allow for multimedia rich website building, this online flash website will give you hundreds of pre-built flash website design templates which you can use to create moving objects as well as banners and other contents. Flash animations and attractive layouts are some of the best features you can find on flash website builders, you can choose your background colour, website music and other stuffs for your personal or business website with flash website builders.

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