How do I set my domain to an IP address?
Posted by admin on February 26 2013 09:08:02
If you're running a web server on an IP address and you want to host your domain, log in to Module DNS Administration Domain control panel, delete all entries of A, then create a new A record that directs 'own domain' to IP adresa server and another a record that directs "all subdomain" back to the same IP address. Note that after this change will not be able to use Web redirection service. If you decide you no longer want to use your web server and web redirection, use the "Restore", which returns the default DNS settings.

If you have your own mail server you can point your MX records to it the same way. If you mail server you can use the service E-mail forwarding, which works even when you're headed to another A record IP address as long as you do not delete the default MX records.